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Sophie Jenkins.jpg

Sophie Jenkins Veterinary Surgeon for Exotic Animals


A common problem in captive tortoise is egg binding

Bearded dragon Vet

Bearded dragon scan for eggs Cardiff

Yemen chameleon

Venus, one of my first yemen chameleons that I spayed Reptile vet

Bearded dragon veterinary treatment

Bearded dragon under anaesthetic for spay

Bearded dragon Surgery

Bearded dragon spay to prevent egg binding

Guinea pig vet dental exam

Guinea pig veterinary dental work Guinea pig vet cardiff

Avian Vet

Owl under general anaesthetic for xrays

Hedgehog being treated by vet

Wild hedgehog recovering from surgery to repair a fractured leg

Tortoise Vet Cardiff

Tortoise post spay (left) and bladder stone removal (right). The tortoise presented for anorexia (not eating) post hibernation


We treat fish to at Origin Vets

African grey nail trim

A well behaved African Grey having a pedicure (nail clip) by Sophie during a veterinary exam Avian vet cardiff

Snake with egg binding

Corn snake on a ventilator under anaesthetic for veterinary treatment for egg binding

tortoise vet

Leopard tortoise often pose fun during veterinary examination !

chicken vet cardiff

Chickens are popular pets now and we treat these guys a lot at Origin Vets

Exotic vet Cardif

Sophie helping injured koalas during a veterinary trip to Australia

Crested gecko vet Cardiff

Crested geckos are increasing in popularity and are often treated by Origin vets

Avian Vet Cardiff

Sophie undertaking careful veterinary treatment to repair a ducks leg


Please use these details to contact/make an appointment

2601 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: 123-456-7890
Fax: 123-456-7890

Origin Vets Clinic

Unit 13 River Bridge Business Park

Rhymney River Bridge Road




WEDNESDAY every 4 weeks


Vale Veterinary Centre

Unit 7-8 Ty Verlon Industrial Est.

Cardiff Road


CF63 2BE

0333 800 9828


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Because animals need love too
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